One Price - Tax/No Tax Plugin

This plugin simply displays the same price for customers regardless of whether they have to pay tax or not.

If you want all your customers to see the same price regardless of whether they have to pay sales tax, this plugin will handle that for you.

Ensure WooCommerce is set to display prices inclusive of tax and this plugin will force WooCommerce to always charge the same amount, whether tax is due or not.


First let’s consider how WooCommerce normally works.

If you have two customers, one who you have to collect sales tax from and one who doesn’t have to pay sales tax, they will charged different amounts for the same product.

Sometimes, you may have a site where you want everyone to pay the same regardless of whether they’re paying sales tax or not.

This plugin activates a WooCommerce feature that does just that.

When an order is saved after checkout, WooCommerce records whether any sales tax has to be deducted from the amount paid or not.

So while the front end behavior for your customers changes, the back end behavior is the same with WooCommerce tracking what tax has been collected for your financial records.

No, once you install and activate the plugin, it starts working straight away.

If you want to disable the behavior, just deactivate the plugin and your site will revert to WooCommerce’s default behavior.

WooCommerce includes an experimental feature that allows all customers to be charged the same. It is turned off by default and there is no control in WooCommerce’s settings to enable it.

The developers have, however, included a way to enable the feature using code. This plugin just inserts the one line of code required to enable the feature.

You can read more about this at—experimental-behavior

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