Etsy Products CSV to WooCommerce CSV Converter

This simple tool will convert a CSV file of products exported from an Etsy store into a format to import into a WooCommerce store. There are some limitations:

  • If you have variable products, the Etsy CSV does not include the price of the variations, so you will have to add the prices after importing to WooCommerce.
  • If you sell downloads, there is no way to automatically access the download files, so you will have to upload these after importing to WooCommerce.
  • Your products must still be live on Etsy in order for the importer to import the product images.
  • If any of your title or descriptions contain special non-text or non-number characters, the conversion may fail.
Click the button and select the CSV file that you downloaded from Etsy. After a few moments, a dialog will open and you can download your WooCommerce ready file.

This CSV converter is intended to be a helpful time saving tool, but please note it is offered as is with no warranty of any kind.


WooCommerce attempts t import the images from the URLs included in the CSV file. If the products are no longer live on Etsy, the product images may no longer exist meaning it’s impossible to download the images.

The CSV file of products you export from Etsy does not include any price information for variations of products.

Without this information being available, the importer is unable to add this information automatically.

The CSV product file downloaded from Etsy doesn’t include any information on download files.

Even if it did, downloads should only be available to your paying customers. If the importer could copy your digital download files, anyone else would be able to too.

Some sellers on Etsy use special characters to help make their listings stand out. For example, diamonds, love hearts or numerous other non text or number characters may have been typed into product titles and descriptions.

Some of these characters can be converted, but some can cause the conversion to fail.

If your CSV file contains any of these characters, you may get an error or the converter will just silently fail and not offer you a converted file to download.

If your file is good, the converter should only take a few seconds to convert your file and open the download dialog.

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